Are Diesel Engines Better Than Gasoline Engines?

Trojan Auto Care is a full-service shop that can maintain and repair both gasoline and diesel engines. You may have heard both positive and negative things about diesel engines, so we’d like to set some records straight. There are many advantages to driving a diesel, which we’ll list below. This doesn’t mean you should trade your automobile in for a diesel; it’s just that diesels deserve a little love, too. Here’s why and also why you might find a diesel-powered automobile advantageous for you.

Diesels Pollute the Air!

Nobody will argue with the fact that diesel engines of old were horrible air polluters. Today’s diesel engines, however, comply with today’s stricter air pollution standards. Even better, diesel engines are so fuel-efficient, they can compete with hybrid vehicles when it comes to fuel economy. Diesel engines do not pollute the air the way they used to, and the engineering behind these engines continues to improve.

What Do You Mean They Compete With Hybrids?

Many drivers do not realize that diesel engines can get just as good gas mileage as hybrid engines do; in some cases, even better gas mileage. The reason why is that a diesel engine can get more mileage out of a gallon of diesel fuel than a gasoline engine can because the fuel itself is more energy-dense. Energy density means the amount of energy stored in the megajoules per liter. Diesel has more than gas does.

So, I’ll Save Money On Gas?

You will if you live in an area where diesel fuel isn’t more expensive than gasoline is. If diesel costs the same as or less than regular gas, you’ll save money not only at the pump but also overall. You won’t fill the tank of your diesel-powered automobile as much as you will your gas-powered car, truck, or SUV. Plus, diesels generate more torque, which gives you better acceleration-response when you need it.

Diesel Engines Are Also Built to Last

Because diesel engines use fuel more efficiently yet generate greater torque and power, they also run hotter. They have a higher compression rate than gasoline engines do. This might sound bad, but it’s actually good. They are built to withstand this higher heat and compression, and, as such, they can be more reliable if cared for properly and can also last a lot longer than a gas-powered automobile.

If you drive a diesel in Troy, OH, Trojan Auto Care is your one-stop-shop for diesel auto service and repair. Call us today to set up an appointment.

Photo by Ruslangilmanshin from Canva Pro

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