When you are driving, you should always expect to be in total control of your vehicle. When you purchase a new set of tires, you expect them to wear evenly and not need to be replaced for the recommended amount of time. Maintaining a proper alignment helps ensure optimal control of your steering as well as help your tires wear evenly and over the expected amount of time. At Trojan Auto Care, we provide the best wheel alignment in Troy, OH, and our quality of service is second to none.

Wheel Alignment Troy, Ohio

Your alignment affects several aspects of your vehicle. Improper alignment can decrease fuel efficiency, give you a rougher ride, and compromise your steering. When you get an alignment at Trojan Auto Care, we adjust specific parts of your suspension system to ensure that your wheels and tires hit the road at the perfect angle. After our alignment experts service our vehicle, you will notice improved fuel efficiency, a smoother ride, and overall improved handling.

Wheel Alignments and Tires

Tires are designed to wear out over time, after all, they have a ton riding on them. As they wear, it is preferred that all four tires wear evenly and at the same rate. Proper alignment allows for that. When all four tires are positioned at the right angle, weight and wear are evenly distributed. That even wear means you won’t find yourself purchasing a new set of tires sooner than you expected.

Signs of Bad Alignment

When it comes to improper alignment, you can just feel when something is off. The most obvious signs of poor alignment include your car pulling or veering to the left or right when you are intending to drive straight. It is also a good sign that your alignment is off if your steering wheel is not centered when you are not turning.

Since the wear on your tires is affected by alignment, they are also great indicators that your wheels need to be aligned. If you notice feathering or camber wear on your tires it is a sign that they are not wearing properly and that it is time for an alignment.

Wheel Alignment Near Me

Whether you are right on schedule or you are overdue for an alignment, call Trojan Auto Care today to make an appointment. Our Troy, OH alignment experts align your vehicle correctly and efficiently so you can be back in control.


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