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volvo service

Volvo Service from Trojan Auto Care, Troy, OH

As a Volvo owner, safety and reliability are no doubt one of your biggest concerns. After all, Volvo’s reputation is built on safety. Routine Volvo service is important to maintaining the value of your vehicle. At Trojan Auto Care in Troy OH, our commitment is to provide Volvo service that is uncompromised. As an independent automotive repair shop, we are able to offer you customer service that is unmatched by local chains or dealerships. That’s because our ASE-Certified Technicians get to know you and your Volvo.

Volvo Maintenance and Repairs

Volvo recommends that service be performed every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. But because everyone drives their vehicle a bit differently the actual recommended time between service intervals can vary. Our Technicians can help you determine the Volvo maintenance schedule that matches your driving style and road conditions. And you don’t have to have your Volvo serviced at the dealer to keep your warranty valid.

The Technicians have extensive automotive repair experience and are up-to-date with all the latest technology so all you need to do is bring your Volvo to Trojan Auto Care and we’ll take care of getting it back on the road for you.

Volvo Service Near Me

If you are experiencing a problem and call Trojan Auto Care and you can be assured we will thoroughly diagnose and correct the problem. Because today’s automobile is a sophisticated machine, a problem can be attributed to many different factors. Most dealerships and repair shops will either perform the most expensive repair or do the least amount of work hoping the problem will be corrected. At Trojan Auto Care, we do what it takes to find and correct the problem – the first time.

For all your Volvo repair, Volvo service, and Volvo maintenance needs, call Trojan Auto Care, in Troy, OH today.

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