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ford service

Ford Repair and Maintenance by Experts at Trojan Auto Care

Whether you are driving a car, truck or van, the trained technicians have the expertise needed to properly maintain and repair your Ford, Lincoln or Mercury. Your vehicle has a recommended maintenance schedule outlined in the owner’s manual for your vehicle. But that’s only a recommendation. Road conditions and driving habits should be considered when determining the best maintenance and service schedule for your Ford, Lincoln or Mercury. When it comes time for Ford Service or Ford Repair, Troy drivers prefer the quality they find at Trojan Auto Care.

Service Schedules Vary Depending on How Your Vehicle is Used

Are you using your vehicle for shopping or getting the kids back and forth from after-school or weekend events? Perhaps you are towing a trailer or using your Ford, Lincoln or Mercury for recreation. Different uses translate into different loads being placed on engines. When you bring your vehicle to Trojan Auto Care, we get to know you and your vehicle. That’s important for you because it allows us to recommend the best schedule for servicing your vehicle so it gives you maximum fuel efficiency and is safe for you and passengers.

Ford Repairs are No Problem for Trojan Auto Care

In the event you do experience a breakdown, we’re certain you’ll want to trust the repair work to experts. Our ASE-Certified Consultants and Technicians are well-versed in many different makes and models of vehicles. As a result, they have diagnostic skills that are much more comprehensive than you might find with technicians from your local dealership. We also have the latest in diagnostic equipment and our technicians are expert in getting your vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible.

We’re also concerned with your safety so while we’re completing any repair work, we’ll alert you to potential problems so you can avoid future breakdowns and minimize repair bills. If there’s something that needs immediate attention, we’ll let you know. We’ll also give you an estimate on work before we get started and will show you worn/replaced parts when we’re finished.

Ford Repair Near Me

If you have a repair or maintenance need for your Ford, Lincoln, or Mercury, call Trojan Auto Care in Troy, OH, today. We can be reached by phone or contact us by email with any questions.

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