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lexus service

Expert Lexus Service & Repair in Troy, OH

Lexus is synonymous with luxury so it’s no wonder you want to make sure any repairs completed on your Lexus car or SUV are done with care. Lexus owners in the Troy, Ohio area are turning to the experts at Trojan Auto Care. They are the leading provider of Lexus service in Troy, OH.

You may believe that you can only have your Lexus repairs and service done at your dealership or the warranty on your vehicle will be voided. This is not true. You can have all your maintenance and repairs completed at an independent automotive repair facility like Trojan Auto Care. Our ASE-Certified Technicians having the training and experience to expertly complete repairs on your Lexus. If we find a problem that is covered under your warranty, we’ll let you know so you can bring your vehicle to the dealership and the warranty repair can be done at no charge to you.

Preventative Maintenance is Important and Trojan Auto Care Can Help You Keep on Track

Preventative Lexus maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle operating at its best. There are certain service intervals recommended by Lexus. When you have your Lexus maintenance done at Trojan Auto Care, we maintain a service history so you will know when and what maintenance needs to be completed. Our Master Technicians also have a keen eye and will alert you to potential problems so you can deal with them before they become a major breakdown. Regular maintenance also helps optimize the performance and fuel efficiency of your Lexus.

We contend that the care you and your automobile will receive at Trojan Auto Care exceeds that of a dealership or local retail chain. Our Technicians have superior diagnostic skills that can only be acquired from years of experience working on different makes and models. As an independent automotive repair facility, we have the ability to get to know you and your vehicle. You can even speak with the Technician who works on your Lexus.

Lexus Service Near Me

Trust your Lexus repairs, Lexus service, and Lexus maintenance to the experts at Trojan Auto Care located in Troy, OH. Contact us today to schedule your Lexus automotive repair and maintenance services.

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