Ten Signs You’ve Got a Transmission That’s Going Bad

A bad transmission can be an expensive transmission, so it’s best to have any problems fixed before they get worse. Thankfully, yours will give you warning signs that something is wrong. Bring your automobile into Trojan Auto Care if you notice any of the eight things below for both automatic and manual transmissions, or if you notice signs nine or ten for manuals.

No Action

Low fluid or a problem with the shifter cable or shifter itself can render your transmission useless. You will put it into gear but it won’t do anything.


Low fluid can also cause transmission delays. The transmission might not go into gear immediately when you put it into gear. It might also stall between gear shifts or miss a gear shift.


Low fluid or worn transmission parts will cause your transmission to slip. It will seem as if it went into gear, but your engine will rev, indicating the gear did not catch.


Transmission fluid leaks usually occur near the center of your vehicle. If you see red fluid spots on your garage floor underneath the center of your car, it’s the transmission.


Low or leaking fluid can cause burning smells. The parts are overheating due to the low fluid level or the fluid is leaking and burning away on other parts.


Buzzing, clunking, grinding, humming, and roaring are all bad noises. If they’re coming from your transmission, it could a bad bearing or a sign of gear damage.

Power Loss

Your engine is running just fine but you don’t have any power. This could signal a problem. Usually, the issue is internal and can be identified through a diagnostic check.

Light Warning

Your transmission is connected to the dashboard’s check engine or overdrive light. If either of these turns on, something could be wrong.


Once you’ve mastered driving a stick shift, you shouldn’t grind the gears. If they start grinding suddenly, you could have a problem with the clutch.

Clutch Grab

Finally, the clutch grab or catch (as some people call it) should always be in about the same place. If it feels lower or higher, the clutch needs to be adjusted or replaced.

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Photo by Leonid Eremeychuck from Getty Images from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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