Five Signs You Could Have Exhaust System Problems

Exhaust system problems can be very dangerous, especially if carbon monoxide makes its way into your automobile’s cabin. Exhaust system problems can also affect your engine’s performance because your engine relies on the outflow of exhaust to operate efficiently. How can you tell if your vehicle is having exhaust system problems? Trojan Auto Care recommends you look for the following five signs.

Check Engine Warning Light

We explained in a previous blog post that problems with the exhaust system can make the check engine light turn on. This includes an issue with the catalytic converter or oxygen sensor. Your automobile’s computer monitors systems constantly and an exhaust problem will trigger a check engine warning since the system does not have its own light.

Loud Acceleration Noises

Sure it’s fun to trick out an automobile’s muffler so it’s super loud, but if you didn’t do that to your vehicle but it sounds as if you did, you’ve got an exhaust problem and possibly a moving violation problem. Generally, loud noises or rattling when you accelerate is caused by a problem with the muffler or the exhaust pipes; usually, a leak.

Vibrations Coupled With Power Loss

If your vehicle cannot remove exhaust from the engine properly, you might feel it vibrate as you drive it, especially when you pick up speed, and you may experience power lags. As we said above, an exhaust system problem can affect your engine’s performance, and you’ll notice it becomes sluggish over time even when you’re driving at higher speeds.

Fuel Economy Loss, Too!

It would seem as if power loss would save gasoline but the opposite is true. When your car, truck, crossover, or SUV struggles to maintain power, it burns more gasoline than when it’s running efficiently. If the problem is your exhaust system, it will cause your fuel economy to go down the figurative toilet and put a ding in your fuel budget.

Gasoline or Sulfur Smells

Finally, exhaust system problems become life-threatening if you smell gas in your cabin. The system is leaking gas fumes into the interior of your automobile and, you guessed it, gas fumes contain carbon monoxide. You might also smell sulfur in the engine bay, which could be your catalytic converter. Don’t take chances with strange smells.

Rather, if you notice any of the five signs listed above, call Trojan Auto Care in Troy, OH. We can determine the cause of your vehicle’s exhaust problem and fix it.

Photo by Daniel Tadevosyan from Getty Images from Getty Images via Canva Pro

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