Keeping Your Car Cooler in the Summer

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Few things are worse than sliding into a scorching car in the summer. The steering wheel burns your hands and the seat burns your legs. If you drive a manual, you may have to wait for the AC to cool down the interior before you can hold onto the gear stick for an extended period. You’re tired of being miserable in the summer. How can you keep your car cooler in the summer? Trojan Auto Care offers the following tips to help reduce the temperature of the inside of your car.

Use the Benefit of Shade

Before we start, we want to stress that these tips do not make the inside of your automobile cool enough for children or pets, so never leave either in the vehicle. Still, if you use the benefit of shade, the inside of your vehicle will not get as hot as it would if it were sitting in the sun. If you can, always park in a spot that provides shade for your vehicle. If you can’t, use window shades in all windows.

Use Public Parking Garages

A great way to shade your SUV, truck, or car is to take advantage of public parking garages. These garages generally have open-air designs so the air flows through the garage to help keep the garage cool. In addition, when you are in the garage, your car will not be sitting in the sun. You should also park your car in the garage at home whenever you can to keep it out of the sun.

Cover the Steering Wheel

Another trick to help prevent you from being burned by your automobile is to cover the interior. Use old towels to cover the seeds, the center console, and the steering wheel. This will keep the sun’s rays off of these things so they don’t get quite as hot as they would if the sun was shining on them.

Use the Benefit of Air

We mentioned above that most parking garages are designed to allow the air to flow through them. Allowing the air to flow through your automobile can also help to keep it cooler. Cracked the windows so that you have air circulation that allows the interior air outside and the outside air in. This helps to keep the temperature lower than it would be if you kept the windows closed.

Finally, call Trojan Auto Care in Troy, OH, to set up a service appointment so we can inspect your vehicle’s air conditioning system to make sure it is working as well as it can be. This, too, keeps the interior of your automobile pleasant during the summer.

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